Why SEO Is Still A Mystery!

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SEO Is A Mystery…

SEO is still a mystery. If you want to know why SEO is such a hard one to fathom, you will need to understand a few things. First of all, Google is robotic! It’s programmed by humans but it is still an intelligent machine. We’ve all seen the film iRobot where there is a centralized computer called: Viki

Learning about SEO Takes A Long Time

You will probably have a strong understanding of File systems or basic IT, Languages/Literature eg English. algorithms, binary and chance/law of attraction. Because that is what every computer is made up of! Read Clarkes Three Laws (of Science) to understand not everything is random and by chance alone. The outcome of scientific and electronic applications may take on a life of their own or choose “positive/negative” That is the way electricity/lightning works, it forks and can go off in one direction or another. And that’s how I feel about computers and computing. You have to learn to be more computer friendly.

Weird Science

If you don’t pay for SEO you won’t get ranked? Well actually no. But it can take weeks, months or even years to get your site to the top. You will need to score good SEO marks on your home or landing page, categories and posts (all across your site). The more you focus on each page and getting it right, the easier it will be. A few social media ads or Google ads never hurt anyone.

The Cost Of Advertising And When To Advertise

Advertising costs vary greatly and you have to be very careful with your settings and auto campaigns. Each keyword has a different price or value (CPC) and level High-Competition, Medium Competition, Low Competition. When advertising you might want to avoid High-Competition Keywords. Impressions don’t cost anything, only clicks. Social advertising like Facebook is a good way to test out ads. You should spend maybe £10.00 per day. You can try less or more!

You should only advertise when people respond and like your website. Don’t do it when it’s under construction! You should have a few pages with like and shares and a subscribe box or contact form. Having maybe over 30 pages and scoring well (fully optimized).

You may have a Youtube channel or other website links that will increase, multiply the use of your advertising campaign. You must be ready and have happy customers/subscribers or you’ll be wasting your money!

Getting Ads Placed For You

To get help with ads or someone creating ads for you, you will need a Google Account or spare email account (Gmail) and a Facebook Account. Grant an Administrator for your Page. And a budget on top of the fee. I can help you set up your campaigns, get in touch for a quote.

76 / 100 SEO Score


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