SEO Secrets 2019

SEO Secrets to boost your visability

We are forever learning and evolving, the internet is ever changing and we also have to keep up with Google, bots and AI! Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? This is what bloggers are really doing. Feeding the bots! We mostly keep our SEO secrets and strategies to ourselves. But today I decided to share a couple with you.

With a friend in mind, I can guarantee there’s no need to pay out hundreds or thousands of dollars for secret SEO knowledge or ultra expensive marketing (unless you’re guaranteed to rake in the rewards). The cost per acquisition CPA as it’s otherwise called should be set to a realistic proven structure or limit rather than a fantastical one. Seek examples or measure the worth of your product yourself but with the end user in mind. Research before paying out hundreds or thousands on AdWords or advertising! And ask for a reference or certification from the person that you hire.

Every day people like myself log in to WordPress and hope that I reach more humans than bots. So if you’re reading this GREAT! We made it.

Trying to stay trendy with my blogs and show that I get it. I keep it real while blogging about corporate business things and make a quick buck! I don’t need to be Albert Einstein, I know all these SEO secrets! I can change my dialect or writing style depending on the post I’m writing and that doesn’t mean slang. It’s going to help me make my readers feel more comfortable. That is more important than any grammar correction tool or SEO Plugin.

Reading is a form of entertainment or relaxation. So speak to your followers, don’t speak to the bots. Try to use real everyday language.

I use a few tools to help my blog posts run smoothly. I mostly use Grammarly for grammar correction and Rank Math for SEO checking. Rank Math actually has far more features. Redirects, Errors, Rich Snippets Video & Photo, Schema, Reviews & Ratings, the list goes on!

Turn No Follow Off!

Google knows when someone uses no follow links and if they use them too much the site will be marked as spam. Content shoud be over 10% of the site, compared to code. So if your site is full of banners and no follow links, the chances are that you may not rank as high as you had hoped.

Try not to use too many outbound links on your home page. Use 1-3 useful links relevant to your domain or main keyword. You should also link to various pages in your site. This helps to show that the content is genuine and that people have options rather than reading through long paragraphs.

Different Types Of Keywords & Natural Keywords

I don’t think I’m Harry Potter and I went to the school of mystery. And I don’t believe I need to repeat a specific word 3 times for my blog to be perfect. But I do think that the title, first paragraph, meta description and subheadings are the most important areas to use Keywords. Try and get into the habit of writing with purpose. Your Keywords should start flowing naturally! Don’t forget to focus this info in your charts, pics, galleries and video.

Adding media and style FX makes the blog more presentable and therefore it helps your SEO. That’s why I always go on about getting a nice theme!

Use A Combination Of Keywords – Stay Relevant

Focus Keywords can be long or short it doesn’t really matter. What matters is the density within your page and site and the relevance and similies and popular terms. You might score higher using shorter keywords in pages and posts but add long tail keywords in categories, tags, excerpts and posts.

Making An SEO Plan To Engage Audiences

When creating your taxonomy, you should think about all the people who will be visiting your blog or website. And the products or ads you want to market. Keep things cheerful and interesting, whilst being accurate and straight to the point. Your menu can do a lot for your sites SEO. Fill out your category description (meta) and all those other boxes. And imagine you are reading the text.

But whatever you do don’t forget to download & install RankMath! It’s HOT!

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