Slay With Dylan Shaye Review

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Slay With Dylan Shaye Beauty & Cosmetics Blog


I really love the feel of this beauty blog. Everything is relaxed and natural. Dylan uses a lot of natural tones which compliment her personality and her blog. The blog is quirky as it has a different set up to the usual. It’s fun and engaging. As it progresses with some bolder colours and more products, it covers all the basics (smokey eyes) and topics like self-care and self-esteem, which are very important for young women today. It’s good to read a blog that promotes self-esteem rather than making one feel inadequate or needing to get everything (just for the sales). Budget cosmetics, yep we all love bargains girls, let’s not deny it! Her Portfolio adds another great dimension to the blog. The blog seems quite new and I will say keep up the good! She shares some really great looks and styles. And it’s deceiving to the eye, as each photograph looks so different. Let’s just say there’s plenty of make up inspiration! I’m a fan of the sunset/orange eyes with the winged liner. The blog looks great! It’s packed with unique images, video, tips and information which is great to see. Dylan Shaye gets our TOP RATING!

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Slayin’ Beauty Blog Review

Today I’m reviewing Dylan Shayes Beauty Blog Slay With Dylan Shaye! It’s a fun blog and I’d suggest taking your time and reading through all her articles for top beauty tips and info!

Beauty Blog Tips From Dylan

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Also, as a tip, I encourage beauty beginners to start with light shades as they leave more room for error and those neutral shades as easily blendable.

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