Squarespace Pricing & Domain Transfer


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Squarespace Pricing & Transfering Domain To Squarespace

Squarespace is an American website building company which allows its users to build website by using pre-built website templates with the help of drop and drag elements. Due to easy to use, custom designs and user-friendly interface and Squarespace got success, and as of now, Squarespace hosts more than one million websites.

Pros of using Squarespace

Blogging feature 

If you are going to start a blog, Squarespace is a good option for this purpose. Squarespace gives you many features that can be helpful for you like rich commenting feature, multi-author functionality, post scheduling, AMP, and you also have the option to host a podcast or two.


Support services of Squarespace are quick, and you can get a quick answer to any inquiry, Squarespace offers live chat, through these customers can share screenshots with support agents.

Mobile apps

As you know, most of the people use the internet on their Smartphones; therefore, Squarespace also offers mobile apps these apps allow users to edit all aspects of your website, pages, blogs, and store.

Templates and design  

Squarespace has more than 100 unique themes that work perfectly with Tablets and mobile phones; every aspect of template like font design, size, images are perfectly designed. You also have the option to use your own design.

Squarespace Pricing Plans

Currently, Squarespace is offering four pricing plans to its customers, these plans are:

  • Personal
  • Business
  • Commerce (Basic)
  • Commerce (Advanced)

Squarespace Personal

A personal plan of Squarespace is the most affordable plan; it costs $16, but if you choose this plan for one year, then you will get a 25% discount on this plan, and you will thus be paying $12 every month. A personal plan has many useful features like SSL security, unlimited bandwidth & storage, SEO features, mobile optimisation, and many other advanced features.

Squarespace Business

The business plan of Squarespace is considered the most popular plan, and this plan costs just $26 per month, but you can save $8 (30%) every month by paying a year’s subscription fee in advance. A business plan is having all features of the personal plan with some extras like a personal email from Google, customized CSS, and javascript, e-commerce integration, advanced analytics, social media integration, etc.

Squarespace Commerce (basic)

This plan costs $30 per month, and in case of advance payment for one year this plan will cost $26 per month, this plan consists of all features offered in Personal and business plan with some additional features like checkout on your domain, powerful eCommerce analytics, 0% transaction fee and many others.

Squarespace Commerce (Advance)

This is the most powerful plan offered by Squarespace; this plan will cost $46 per month, and if you chose an annual payment option, then you are going to save 13% every month, and it will cost $40 every month. This plan is having all features of Persona, Business, and Commerce (basic) plus some advanced features like abounded cart recovery, sell subscriptions, advanced shipping & discounts, Commerce API, and Limited availability labels.

Transfer domain WordPress to Squarespace

You can transfer your domain from WordPress to Squarespace by following four simple steps.

1st step- To transfer your domain from WordPress to Squarespace, simply login to your WordPress account, clicks on my sites in the dashboard, and then click on D