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Expert services mentioned on our site refers to forum posts, directory or link listings, guest posts, comments replies, freelancer services & 3rd party websites. We are not responsible for any damages or losses caused. We advise you to consider NDA non disclosure agreements and contracts for web design/blog design or redesign, where they are needed. Always back up your blog or website via control panel, WordPress Manager or Export Tools. There are a range of WordPress plugins that will zip your site (free & paid). Experienced bloggers and designers probably won’t make any errors, but it’s best to back up your work and ask any questions you have before the work commences. It’s also advisable that you don’t say it’s all fine, if you require any changes or revisions be made to that service. You can propose revisions. All digital works and online services are non refundable (some 3rd party freelancer gigs offer a guarantee). *Revisions are limited.

Advertising With Us

Advertising with us is a long term offer. You can stay on our website as long as your link is up and it doesn’t cross any legal or ethical issues. However it is at our sole discretion to do so.

Social Advertising

Social Advertising orders require ‘a budget’ and we will need to enter your PayPal or card details to Facebook or Twitter for example. Search Engine advertising can run into higher costs and you need to be aware of the cost of automatic advertising. Please be aware of who you give your personal information to, especially if you have found them on our site or forum. I don’t want any of my readers to get stung or duped here. If I personally set up your social campaign you can rest assured your data will be safe & secure.

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All posts, comments and forum posts are opinion based and we are not to be held liable for errors, misinformation or others personal opinions. Any unwanted comments or things you wish to report or be removed, can be reported to

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Please keep comments and posts to a tasteful level at all times or you will be banned from using our site. Please avoid spamming and writing gibberish or adult links, crypto links and online pills. We will take further action and contact the companies involved.

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You may NOT use any of our content, ideas or images for your own personal or business use. We prohibit you from copyright infringement. We may use others images such as royalty free images on our website. We may from time to time collaborate and or credit other websites and blogs. This can be removed at anytime. Please contact

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