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Are you searching for the best free SEO software? I was lucky enough to find the best free SEO software. I’m now using an SEO software tool called SEO Powersuite. So, I thought I’d share the good news!

So What Is SEO PowerSuite?

SEO Powersuite is an app/software that you can download to your Windows PC for free. I’m unsure of the compatibility for Mac users. In it you get 4 separate MAJOR FREE SEO TOOLS; SEO SpyGlass, Rank Checker, WebSite Auditor & LinkAssistant.

Within these are even more free tools…

SEO SpyGlass

In SEO SpyGlass you can check all of your back links, referral traffic, referring IP’s, assess pentalty risk and more.

This shows you ALL the places your link is mentioned and lets you view the quality of your back link orders.

Rank Checker

Rank Checker pulls up the posts or pages you are currently ranking in. Rank Checker includes Search Console results, keyword gaps, auto complete tools, related searches, related questions, keyword planner, keyword sandbox. [The free version doesn’t allow you to save your searched keywords and you have to start over]. But it pulls up thousands of keywords, showing difficulty, CPC amount and competition value (high, low or medium). Competitor research and domain strength are other options in this fantastic software. It is easy and intuitive to use.

WebSite Auditor

WebSite Auditor is yet another free tool in this SEO PowerSuite. It offers a fast and accurate analysis/audit of your website/blog and pages. And notifies you of any warnings or errors. Content analysis, keyword map, site structure, are some of the functions you’ll find in this free SEO software.


This helps to determine your domain strength from a different perspective. Looking at search engine results from numerous search engines, strong incoming links and social media.

The Best Free SEO Software 1

You can link your Google Analytics account for even more data.

link assistant incoming links and social media links

LinkAssistant is probably the best tool of all. It provides an overview of your websites’ over all performance at a glance. And the two things I loved about this SEO tool in particular were viewing other search engine results, and seeing how many subscribers visited my site via email.

The Best SEO Software Summary

This undoubtedly is the best free SEO software I’ve come across. I wish I had stumbled upon it sooner. It works its magic in under a minute, to give you all this incredible data. There is of course an upgrade option of course. But the free version has more than enough to get started with as above. And I highly recommend this free SEO software.

SEO Powersuite Review

My Review

Here’s our review using the best free SEO software package – SEO Powersuite.

This software is easy to use. You download and install it. It is all updated and easy to install. You can check any amount of websites or blogs. The free version doesn’t save your reports or keyword research. But its ultra powerful and intuitive to use. This free seo software package performs better than it’s rivals. This includes expensive or affordable online SEO tools/subscriptions. I can guarantee you’ll be blown away!

You will need a Search Console account and Google Analytics account to access some of the features. This is easily done by creating a gmail account for your website domain and placing the analytics tracking code or search html into the header fields. It doesn’t take long. If you use WordPress there are free plugins, if you are not comfortable with code. This extends or gets the most out of these tools in a way you can print out, provide reports for yourself or your customers.


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