Tips For Blogging Success


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Blogging success means different things to different people. We all have a different way of writing and creating. But what people most enjoy reading about is exciting experiences and fast ways to success! No kidding!

So I’m going to tell you a bit about my journey and my success!

I started out with a free Weebly account and I had a mixed content blog. It was called Bingo Win and it got thousands of hits. I was not a great affiliate marketer at that time.

I then got a paid Weebly account.

Then I discovered or rediscovered WordPress.

Once I got my head around WordPress (in one week), I smashed out around 20 websites. But the cheap web host I used from eBay, said I’d used a script that was not allowed (subscription plugin). They deleted ALL OF MY SITES. I pleaded with them to let me find it and remove it. But they refused.

So moving on, I got into casino blogging in 2015. This was something I knew I could get into and something I’d be successful in EVENTUALLY. Because trying to get into niche marketing, making random posts, and repeating keywords (guessing) is no way to go.

The casino affiliate programs were rather patient with me and my lack of experience. I’m guessing that they see this a lot. And they know who will be successful in the long term.

I had thousands or hundreds of thousands of hits. Some of the sites I regrettably let go. Even though I had thousands of hits, the sites weren’t converting! I had missed some crucial points of gaining trust and authority. It all had to be more professional.

So looking at your competitors, is the right place to start. How do they make a living and what information do they provide to their readers, that makes their business successful?

Well the answer is to display in the correct format, use the correct colours and display data. But not only this, you need to give a tone of authority. And add contact or company details. Otherwise, I’m afraid it will just look like rubbish or spam. Put a face to the name. Put a name to your website and so on.

Well, eventually I did get a few customers, I could hardly believe it. As you know casino is a lucrative market. Only, I had not converted high roller offers. I had only converted the lowest offers.

There was a theme that was a few dollars more that I had ignored, over the years.

Just the other day, I gave in and bought that theme. I own around 5 casino themes now. Testing is an important part of being an affiliate marketer/great blogger.

But anyway, what I discovered was, that in order to get sales, I had to spend money, not scrimp and save.

You may want to increase your subscribers, to build trust and following. Or you may want to convert special offers and deals. The professional blogger does both seamlessly. So, you have the personality for blogging, large social accounts and a few IT skills? What else do you need to know?

Don’t worry about your friends and family’s opinion on your blogs. They probably think you’ve gone mad LOL. Not everyone can see the potential of blogging. And they might think you’re trying it on. Or they may have better ideas for how you should be spending your time. So, forget talking to family and friends about your blogs. Focus more on the search results, SEO, searches on your site, who’s using the site. Are you getting lots of SPAM? Or are you getting real organic audiences? (Analytics). And is it going to be worth YOUR TIME?

Even if you’re not earning at first, ask yourself these two questions. Do people benefit from your content? Are you learning more about blogging and ways to improve? If the answer is YES to both of those, you should continue to blogging success. Never give up on your dreams and try a few blogs to see which you’re best and stick at it!

I discovered that, I’m really good at casino blogging. My project consists of around 10 casino sites made in WordPress. But I had my doubts and conscience calls about running casino sites too. I decided that as I already have a head start, I will continue. But I have launched a free slots site. This is the one I will be promoting most. I am also promoting free music clips (a PHP script) that runs AdSense, Apple and Amazon. And a deals site (well, two) that are WordPress themes. They pull coupons automatically and I got a free app made for both of those on the house!

Blogging Success Summary

To be a successful blogger, you’ll need lightning fast hosting from a reliable company, not a reseller. You will want to purchase the right type of theme the first time, without scrimping. You may want to purchase subsequent themes and test your marketing/sales.

Get a feel for the niche you want to blog about and a sense of confidence in that. Once you find your footing, the sky’s the limit!

I tell anyone, don’t waste your time with guess work. Have a consultation or learn from other bloggers. It’s a really crucial step not to be missed. Join blogging support groups, use various free and paid tools.

I recently purchased a site speed plugin. Something I thought I’d never do as there are so many free plugins for speed and cache. But it was so easy to set up and my sites have the green light. This cost $29.00 and saved me valuable time. Trust me it was worth it!