Top 10 Affiliate Programs 2020

10 Best Affiliate Programs For Bloggers

Want the low down on the best affiliate programs for bloggers? Our list of top 10 affiliate programs 2020 would be a good start. We tell you the benefits of each type of affiliate program, so you can choose the right one for you. You may discover you like more than one! These are reliable and trusted affiliate programs, that really do pay out.

Casino Affiliate Programs

Offering up to 50% commissions and lifetime customers, the casino market is a top affiliate marketing strategy. Simply display new banners on your blog/website/s.

Dating Affiliate Programs

Dating affiliate programs are perfect for these current times. Online chat is a futuristic and realistic market that hundreds of thousands will likely join in the future!

Multi Platform Affiliate Programs

Whilst looking for the best merchants/stores, you can also note their performance, click through rate and conversion rate. You can also filter the high paying merchants to apply. You must have high quality content if you apply for a high paying deal.

Cryptocurrency Affiliate Programs

Cryptocurrency is definitely the market to go for in 2020! Crypto Casinos are also popular. Many people will be making the switch and you can cash in at 15% when people sign up at Coin Mama.