Which WordPress Theme Is Best Suited for a Travel Blog?

If you are overwhelmed with impressions and emotions after your travels to various places and if you are searching for a quick and easy way to organize your travel blog, this post will definitely come in useful. Here, you’ll find explanations why using WordPress themes is a powerful tool for creating an efficient blog and which theme, in an astonishing variety of travel themes for WordPress, is perfectly appropriate for launching a travel blog.

I’m not going to stall for time, so here’s the answer. OnVacation, a striking travel WordPress theme with Elementor, that will definitely help you emphasize the content of your blog in an appealing and trendy style due to JetElements plugin included in the theme.

Which WordPress Theme Is Best Suited for a Travel Blog? 1

Let’s discuss the most significant details of this travel theme OnVacation theme.

How difficult is creating a website with OnVacation theme?

OnVacation is based on the Elementor Page Builder, an efficient builder that features easy installation. You don’t need any coding skills to launch your website, to edit its layout and to customize the content. Different Blog layouts, such as Classic, Modern Listing, Grid, Masonry, and Justify, as well as Background options, are included into this theme, so you are free to choose the design that will draw your visitors’ attention. Moreover, with WordPress Live Customizer you won’t need to reload your page while editing it, as you’ll see all the changes you make instantly.

What ways of organizing content are available?

Which WordPress Theme Is Best Suited for a Travel Blog? 2

Surely, easy navigation through a website is a great sign of its efficiency, that is why OnVaccation contains MegaMenu. It lets you arrange your content into multiple categories and subcategories so your visitors will find their way without any troubles. You can take advantage of the Dropdown Menu, too. Besides, a well-organized blog prompts its readers and shows connected stories. With Related Posts widget, uniting and linking your information will become an enjoyable experience for you.

What post formats does this theme have?

Besides the Standard post, this theme features such formats as Image, Gallery, Quote, Link, Video, and Audio. This means that you can easily create a delightful storytelling website based on your adventures, such as Adventurous Kate’s blog, and share your thoughts and experience in any format you like.

What means of arranging media are there?

Displaying pictures and videos is one of the main aims of an engaging travel blog, as The Planet D proves. So, On-Vacation theme allows for adding media of different types. Your creative approach to your website and your desire to show off will be supported by numerous advanced widgets that let you arrange your media in an almost unlimited number of ways. You can enhance your site with:

– Image Galleries;

– Image Carousels;

– Image boxes;

– Accordions.

Are there any restrictions on the quality of images?

OnVaccation is a Retina Ready theme. It means that you can upload pictures of the highest resolution, and they will be displayed correctly on your website. Of course, enchanting pictures of the best quality will positively influence your visitors’ impression.

What other elements can be added?

In fact, the packet of widgets is absolutely huge. You can add Icon Lists, Buttons, Counters and Testimonials. Also, you can organize your text in Columns and adorn it with Headings. Moreover, it’s possible to insert Tabs, Dividers, and Spacers to use the space in the most effective and attractive way.

Is indicating location possible with this theme?

Definitely, associating your pictures with places and marking them on a map is also a key feature of a travel blog. Actually, with Google Maps that are a part of OnVaccation, showing the location of your travels is a piece of cake.

Is it necessary to create separate webpages for computers and mobile devices?

The fully responsive design of this theme will ensure the perfect look of your website on any screen. No matter what device your visitors prefer using, your travel blog will quickly adapt to it to guarantee the best experience. So, you save your valuable time for further travels.

What are the ways of staying in touch with the audience?

Your readers will have a variety of ways to connect with you, which are:

1) Commenting System

As travel blog presupposes constant feedback from readers, Commenting System is included into OnVaccation theme. Your visitors will find posting comments really easy.

2) Social Options

Also, there are numerous Social Options that this theme contains. Your followers will be able to share your posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

3) Contact Form

If your readers want to ask you a personal question, without posting comments openly, they can use a clear Contact Form incorporated into the theme.

4) Newsletter Subscription

To keep in touch with you and to follow your updates, your followers can subscribe to your emails and be the first to find out your news.

Is it possible to combine an online store and a travel blog with OnVaccation theme?

As OnVaccation is Ecwid Ready, you can create an online shop and sell any goods or services. Moreover, it is WPML ready, so you can translate your website into different languages and thus reach a wider audience.

To sum up, OnVaccation is a perfect choice for those who want to launch a travel blog simply and smoothly. It includes various blog layouts and numerous customization options, such as choosing backgrounds and fonts. Doubtlessly, you can add posts of various types and arrange them in different creative ways. With Elementor Page Builder and various JetElements creating and running your travel blog will become a satisfying process.