What Is A Premium Domain Name? And Why Use One?


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Premium Domain Names are a great way to attract the right kind of audience to your online business or blog. You can spend less money on advertising and marketing with a good domain name.

A premium domain name is usually a .com and it will be valued typically for over 1,000 in Estibot (but not always!). It should relate to the niche you wish to market/work in.

There are several ways you can purchase a Premium Domain. Usually people buy Premium Domains at Flippa, Sedo and Bido. Name Pros is a domain name forum for professionals. Last but not least, you can buy Premium Domain Names Privately or on domain name sites and general domain market places.

Premium Domain Names For Sale

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*Note – Just because a domain name is priced high, it does not mean it is Premium. And you can effectively determine if it is Premium or not in the following ways…

You can research the domain name in Google “whicheveryouwanttocheck.com” and see if it has been used before and if it has backlinks.

I can help you to acquire the domain name you need to buy.

You can monetize your new Premium Domain with the CPC method and AdSense.

Whatever reason you need a Premium Domain Name – (Retail is another huge industry), Premium Domain Names can be a fantastic investment.