What Is Domain Flipping?


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What is domain flipping you ask? It’s buying and selling domains for profit. This includes dropped and expired domains and domains from domain flippers who’ve gone bust!

Domain flipping is easy for some, for others, it is an expensive hobby. With so many types of domain names and niches, some research and advice should be sought before investing.

Where To Get Advice On Domain Flipping?

When you join a domain selling community, there may sharks out there, waiting to sell you their unwanted domains or rubbish your valuable ones. You will have to keep your business head about you, whilst also taking criticism.

NamePros is a great site to read about domain sales, browse domains for sale at wholesale prices. The only thing is, not all the users are pros. And there is great competition within the forum.

Some domain flippers are so successful and have held their premium domains for years. Some domains fetch hundreds of thousands or millions.

Domain auctions are yet another great place to pick up domains relatively cheaply.

Common types of domains that sell well are .com names one word or two word names. Also some made up brand-able names or names that play on common words we use every day. Though these might not pass the radio test (saying or spelling them), they will be a neat idea when presented well to the end user, on a platform such as Brand Bucket.

The main theory in domain flipping is that the good names have already been taken. So it is pretty pointless registering domains. Also known as hand reg’. Many professional name flippers look down on those who hand reg names. But those with vision can build the names up on a blog or website and make them valuable. Good techniques are using two keywords. This is the way many people do it. But what company will pay thousands for a keyword domain? They only want brand-able names.

Companies also pay out for misspelled names. names that are so similar to their brand.

Premium Domains To Watch/Buy

.coms are definitely better but country domains are also valuable and alternative domains. An example would be UK.Deals UK.Finance InvestingMoney.co.uk (One word domains and country domains are valuable too). The above are names I tried and failed. I won the auction for UKDeals and sold it for less than I should have, due to lack of funds. I missed the auction reminder for UKFinance and it sold for around $75.00 Now it’s worth thousands. InvestingMoney.co.uk was a recently expired domain in auction. I won that auction but another back order service got it faster. I wish I had used multiple methods.

But these names above weren’t perfect by any means. Though they’d make a great start for a domain flipper with a smaller budget. Buying name for $5-200 and selling for a few thousand $ is the ultimate goal/dream.

Backordering Domain Names

Crazy Domains backorders for just £5.00 per name. If the domain is dropped and noone else has bid, the domain could be yours!

Where To Sell/Flip Domains

I’ve now moved over to BrandBucket.com in the hope of selling my two word .coms. Auction platforms should keep some traffic going, whilst my domains are parked.

My Recent Domain Purchases

I won AceBet.co.uk in an expired auction and this really stands out, I completed the purchase at 240 euros. I was notified on the expiry of Cash.codes and I actually won that/registered it for $5. It is a premium domain that renews for $45.00. I did quite well in June. I also bought WebVines.com and HireBabes.com. I hand registered a few good names too! DomainAuthority.info, BestHealthCure.com, SkincareRegime.com & HomeCures.org. Clearly the .coms stand out. And the .org is relevant in this instance.

Finding End Users Globally

Selling your unwanted domain names at the right website is best. Many people like to use Afternic and Sedo. I myself enjoy using other methods. Uniregistry is going to be my next domain selling platform. Flipa is now used mostly for selling ready-made websites/apps.

A lot of people send outreach emails to companies, which seem to get quite annoyed by or reply with unsubscribe. However, if you build a good name for yourself or have a good domain website, you may find that this works for you. The majority of domain sales are made this way! But you’ll need a lot of nerve and a thick skin if you want to sell this way.

Domain Tools And Apps

You can now get apps that mash your desired keywords and help you create new names. Other apps give you information on when domains are expiring. With the current lockdown situation, many good domains are dropping and expiring fast.

Check the Way Back Machine and Who Is sites to get insights before backordering or bidding on expired domain names.

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