When Something's Going Right Don't Change It! 1

When Something’s Going Right Don’t Change It!

The reason I’m writing this post is that of all the opportunities I’ve had that have sailed downwind, walked out the door and well, you get my drift. The universe has it’s own coordinate system and it aligns with your actions and momentum (and your vibration). Now, it takes a little while for this to get in synch. That’s why when you start something, you really need to persevere. Not in a hard kind of way but remain optimistic that the universe will back you up! It’s taken me too long to learn the simple truth. Don’t fight your destiny! To know tomorrow is to steal from God! And so forth. Let things happen accordingly and reward your diligence.

Changing course midstream, editing too much, it’s asking for trouble. Set up your plan and stick to it. Also, decide what you will do when it comes to fruition. What’s the next step?! Careful planning really does work, so try to remain confident in your projects or aims. This technique is used in many areas of business, such as finance, marketing or get rich quick schemes! Why? Because it REALLY does work.

Many people are highly creative and might have too much going on in the imagination department. They may think so fast that they don’t know what else to do but change everything. When they could potentially be creating something else! Usually, the first things we create are our best. And second of all, if you do have a variety of interests, you still need a plan. You can’t just live by the way you feel. Well not when it comes down to work and money. But when inspired, you can spend an hour researching and making notes and see what comes of it. You could keep an ideas journal so that you can look back and review your ideas! Spare weekend? Set a whole weekend aside and do the hard graft, then twice a week add to the project. Each weekend when you don’t have too many exciting plans, you can start another project and so on. But limit your time and energy. So say twice a month you will work on new projects and twice a month at least you will go out. And once a month you will donate to charity or drop off some gifts at a homeless shelter or nursing home. Or donate to a children’s hospital. That means that you can give back in a way that makes you feel happy and reward yourself by getting out, being social and allowing yourself the opportunity to meet and discuss ideas with new people.

The balance between computer work and real life can be a blurred line, so please make sure that you look after yourself. Take regular breaks and do all the other duties that you need to do. If it’s meant to be, then it’s mean to be and if it’s not, well, then it’s not!

If you have an off day with your creativity or get writer’s block, just jot down some drafts and ideas instead and wait for a better day to elaborate. Keep an ideas journal and continue with your current plans until they’re complete.

From one creative person to another!