Will Anyone Read My Blog?

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Why Blog?

Why Blog when everyone else is doing it? How can you personally make money from typing words into a computer? Well, the simple answer is that you can easily! You have Siri, Amazon, various mobile and spoken search methods Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex is the Russian search engine. You have Google China as well as each country code (.co.uk .us .eu, .fr .it) it would be great if you can rank in any of those addresses! And you can! This will make your blog highly popular. Yes, there is always someone who will read and enjoy your blog wherever in the world. You’ll need to write a lot of articles and use keyword phrases that others haven’t found if you get the chance. Do some research before you start. There are so many ways to research for your blog. Use Google Search Console, Bing & Yahoo Webmaster Tools for search information. AWStats in CPanel is a quick alternative. After a few weeks try a Rank Checker site and see how you do.

You might just want to blog out of interest. But really it takes a good combination of the above research, a great theme and plenty of content. You should use new pics AND new videos. Try to make your blog a little bit different and unique. Style your blog and make it your own!

Blogging Is Fun And So Is The Reaction!

People wonder what I’m possibly thinking of and others look at me like I’m stark raving mad when I tell them I make websites and blogs. I ignore them. They think they know me but clearly, they don’t at all. I’m highly tenacious and I don’t quit!

And while I might not have a degree, I don’t work in a computer shop and I may not fit the typical ‘stereotype’ of a webmaster/blogger, this doesn’t mean I can’t be one. Just because of what others think.

When I blog I can share my personal hobbies, share my expertise or knowledge in a variety of topics. For example; Blogging! Music Production, IT/Web Design, Writing, Poetry, Alternative Medicine, Healing, Teaching and Connecting!

One of my greatest skills is the ability to connect with people and to meet them on the same level. It’s something I really enjoy.

While those negative people moan on and think it’s just a pipe dream, I’m here, doing the unexpected and making it happen!

Blogging For Pleasure

I blog for so many reasons. I enjoy writing ( I always enjoyed writing since I was a child). My English Teacher cried and said I would one day become a great author. She was so sad when I left her form and she was telling my folks what an amazing writer I was. Nobody talks in English anymore, it seems that way. Maybe I drifted from the herd and landed up somewhere else. I just find it increasingly harder to have a FULL ENGLISH (conversation, that is) with anyone. Blogging gives me the opportunity to practice and perfect my speech, writing skills and grammar. And stretch my mind! Explore the possibilities!

Blogging Can Be Therapeutic

It’s great to get some ideas down. Blogs can be creative, fun, serious and it all depends on what else is going on! But blogging is a tidier way of getting out your creativity or feelings without the mess of pen & paper. 99% of Artists and Musicians are messy! Yes, it’s true. LOL. We may be the top 1% smartest but we are the messiest.

Blogging For Profit

Once you get the nack of blog writing, you may want to start earning a little extra income to support your family, get you through a period of illness or financial difficulty… I would say this: blogging cannot be relied upon as a regular source of income unless you own multiple blogs and they are marketed. You need to be very wary of starting a blog and assuming that things will work out fine because in many cases a blog might not work at all. You need to test out/consider:

Domain Name

WordPress Theme/Code

SEO Settings

Online Competition

Local Competition

Knowledge & Expertise


Learning Keywords

Learning About Your Niche

Getting People To Your Site

Your Target Audience

Keeping Visitors At Your Site

Getting Interactions & Engagements

Making Friends & Associates/Partners

Making Exciting Content

Make Sure Offers/Deals Are Visible

Managing Your Social Pages

Designing Your Social Pages

Setting Up Campaigns





The List Goes On…

Create A Blogging Business Plan

You see you can’t just make up or predict how your readers will behave and how well each site will do. A website name might have a certain ring to it, or it may have great keywords and it is a combination of all these things, clean code, smooth design, vibrant colours, easy actions, videos, information, give them something NEW!

Attractive photos – While you can get free images at a number of places it’s good to include your own photos and video. This tells Google you’re not just another copycat blogger. I have yet to add images, I’m a little shy. But I have been quite creative in the past and people have liked my photos. So I will soon.

With My Theme Shop Themes, you can easily pick a theme according to your niche by searching in their website you will find the exact theme you’re looking for. Feeling stuck? If you get stuck with choosing a theme just ask a service agent to help you. Alternatively, I can assist!

Once you have a smart-looking WordPress Theme, you can concentrate on making a nice colour scheme to go with it. You can create nice logos over at canva.com for free!

I get readers from all over the world and after a while, blogging becomes second nature. Set up a few blogs and you’ll soon be making money!

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Why blogging? Why not share your art, interests, passions and ideas with others?

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