Why Is Ad Marketing Important?

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If you run a business blog or affiliate blog, sometimes just having good SEO is not enough! An example would be that you have high competition in your current market. No matter how smart your SEO is, you will need to expand upon it with ad marketing.

Because of the global pandemic we’ve had, you might see a drop in traffic, even if you have pages which rank. Once again, it is due to the fact your competition IS actively advertising!

Back links and organic methods alone won’t get you the same results as advertising and being at the top of search engines consistently. And sometimes, in order to gain the right customers, you have to actually spend money to make money.

So to be in for a chance of winning the race, contact someone in Ad Marketing today!

You will need a monthly budget for search engine campaigns like Google AdWords, Yahoo or Bing. Or a weekly budget for social media pages like Facebook. With Facebook you can set demographics and target audience by age and interests, which is cost effective in most cases. On top of your monthly budget, you will hire an expert. This is to prevent accidents on buying ads, which can be very costly. Bidding on the wrong word or having the wrong settings can run up a HIGH BILL and cost you a small fortune.

There are other ways to advertise. You can set up an affiliate program for your website, this gives you solid back links and positive mentions. But some mentions may be flagged.

Another type of advertising is paid advertising on free ad and classified sites, newspaper and magazine or radio. These methods of ad marketing are more traditional. And you can find some pretty good deals.

Without a budget, you will need a good SEO strategy, you’ll need to do many hours of work. Hiring different SEO assistants through gig sites like SEO Clerks might damage your sites reputation or get your site flagged as spam. For the same price you could have bought better quality advertising, based on an average spend on gigs of $10-$40/month. It is possible to get similar results by promoting you own link in as many free sites as possible. Add interesting content, use YouTube and Pinterest and make fun blog posts.

Most of all, if you are running a business blog or blogging for business, lose the whiff of desperation. Many businesses are made or collapse during a crisis and you need to remain cool headed and look for gaps in the market and ways you can grow and improve.

What NOT to do…

It is NOT advisable to repeat keywords in different pages, write only for the purpose of keywords or try to type posts like a robot LOL! (This won’t work, been there and done it). Instead, take your time and try to produce better quality articles and put your best marketing hat on!

Don’t buy an endless amount of gigs that will increase your bounce rate and ruin your site. Even if the gigs are genuine, if you don’t provide good keywords, the gig will fail miserably.

What to do…

Contact an expert in Ad Marketing. 🙂