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April 11, 2022
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Thinking of using AdSense or ad bidding? You will need to have a good selection of posts before you apply for AdSense auto ads. And you will also need to set up your legal pages in accordance with Googles advertising policy.

The next thing you will need to ensure is that your posts contain plenty of images and data. And not too many banner advertisements. You will need to let AdSense run their experiments before changing the settings of auto ads in AdSense settings.

Rather than try to fetch the code, you can instead use the plugin created by Google which is called Google Suit or similar. Here you can get all the linkage you need for AdSense, Google Analytics and Search Console (Previously known as Webmaster Tools).

The best way to score well and get accepted by Google AdSense is to stay natural with your blog. And write about a variety of different things or related topics. You can change your settings after a time and experiment yourself with how it looks and feels.

Eventually you will be asked to install and ad.txt file into your home directory or by some method, if not file manager, then I’m unsure if there is a plugin for that. Do not mess with your file manager/home directory. Just click upload and upload the file and that’s it, you’re done. You must close your file manager immediately. Once this is completed, this gives advertisers and bidders information about your site and validates your site.

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