How To Make Money With WordPress

April 11, 2022
WordPress Tutorials
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how to make money with wordpress

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Top Tips To Make Money With WordPress

Express Your Passion


Travel, Parenthood, Wellbeing, Mental Health, Entertainment, TV, Free Stuff, Student Issues, Homelessness, Enterprise, Cars, Natural Products, Vegan Lifestyle, Hair & Beauty.

Find your passion, write what you feel strongly about, tell true stories if you want (edit names), set up an agency or backlink/guest-post service, advertise, offer services or start a blog with a store. You can use affiliate links in your store. Just set your disclaimer in your blog. Don’t try to fool your readers or automate too many ads. Let it be natural. Add others content. if they wish.

Think Out Of The Box

There are so many niches for blogs. But whatever you decide to go with, try and be as unique as you can. Be as accurate as possible and guide people to the right information. Giving options or endless chatter won’t really help your readers. Reach your readers imagination. Be their guide.

Testimonials Are Important

Get feedback, testimonials, reviews. Building a good online reputation is a priority and extremely important when starting a new website or online business.

Advertise With Care

Find partners that will work well with your blog or brand. Be picky and choosy. And test out which adverts and links work and convert. Also, limit the amount of links and ads you place in your blog/site. If you make readers feel like your blog is just one advert, it won’t work.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications are a great way to get new followers without complicated Mailchimp accounts or paid services. Push Notifications are available for free in Plugins. I recommend WP Pusher. Alternatively set up email marketing with Blue Host.

Add Social Feeds

Grow your social media profiles and add your feeds in your blog. Then you start a trend. Add a good mix of text, charts, feeds, video, pics. Soon you’ll see your blog grows, potential customers will come! Add friends, network and have fun.

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