How To Pick A Domain Name For A Blog

April 11, 2022
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choosing a domain name

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Recently there are a lot of free domain name generator sites, you can generate a domain name in seconds. Just input your niche and brand name idea. You will be given a choice of the perfect domain name.

A top tip when registering or buying a domain name is to make sure it passes the radio test. And is still interesting. I always used to buy keyword domains, until I realised how bland and boring they were. I noticed that some longer names that sounded interesting performed better. Make sure they fit. If you want to promote in a message or text, your domain should have under 11 characters. Longer if you want.

Useful Tools I Use Daily

Once you have come up with a decent idea, check if your TLDs & social bookmarks are free using for example:

Other tools that can help you decide if you have a good name.. If you want to delve deeper into the history and value of your domains.

WayBackMachine & Ahrefs back link checker. Free tools to help you learn more about your names history. And finally to find out the true value of your domain name. If you’re registering dropped domain names, that’s your best bet.

Backordering Domains

For £5.00 you can attempt to back order your desired domain name at Crazy Domains or other back order domain name providers.

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