Which Hosting For WordPress Blogs?

April 11, 2022
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which hosting for wordpress

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You have a good choice of hosting packages. This really firstly depends on your budget. I recommend paying a couple of dollars extra and buying your domain at your host, so you don’t lose your domain or hosting. Keep in mind the increase next year and inflation.

If you are starting WordPress and getting to know all about the features, you won’t want to mess around with name servers or chasing your host if your site goes down. Ideally, you will want to have everything in the same place and get a fast response to your question.

The cheapest deal I have for you is $0.50/month or £1/month. That gets you hosting and a free domain name. The business package gets you up to 10 websites or more. And you will need to pay the full price next year if you stay with Ionos. That will cost around £12/month / $15/month. If you want or need multi-hosting.

Similarly you can sign up at Blue Host and pay a year or 3 years upfront. You will get a premium service and premium hosting. This includes free templates and much, much more. Blue Host are well known for being the no1 choice when it comes to WordPress blogs, though I am unsure whether you need to pay for backups. Free features make it the top choice to host your blogs.

WordPress can become kind of addictive once you get going (in a good way). It’s highly likely that you’ll start new blogs about other topics and want to try out more themes. Hosting that includes a free domain name, I don’t think you’ll find a better deal. 🙂

Still Want To Buy Domain & Hosting Separately?

If you decide to buy your domain and hosting separately and save a couple of dollars, honestly, this will not save you in the next year, but it will prevent inflation in 12 months time. In that case, I recommend Dynadot for domain names and HostSlim.eu for cheap hosting. But bare in mind the hosting is dearer this way. And you may not get as much support.

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