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How To Manage A Blog & Domains

When you own a blog, or multiple blogs, and multiple domains, things can get on top of you, or start to take over your life. It’s good to have a strategy, and manage your online business, or hobby in a constructive manner. A blog is only considered a business if it is bringing you clients, potential clients, partnerships, or monthly profits. No matter how much we want our blogging business to be successful, it will only become a blogging business with the correct level of research, strategy, consistency, and dedication. When I say dedication, it’s never a good idea to blog for the sake of blogging. Think it out first, have a vision & plan!

Todays issues of constant scrolling, screen time, and pressing tasks, mean it can be difficult to stay on top of it all. So, I’ve written this short guide to help you think of ways to stay organised in your blogging journey. Start by setting yourself a goal, targets, and a weekly schedule,, while you proceed with your day job, studies, activities, and daily affairs. It can be easy to get lost in the meta verse.

Time Management & Scheduling A Blog

If you run a blog, it’s a good idea to start with weekly posts. And post maybe just one or two posts per week. If you own multiple blogs, you can blog daily on each blog (5), and spend a minimal amount of time, with a vision of what you want to achieve. Aimless blogging will not do good for your wellbeing, online reputation, income, or your eyesight. Try to be savvy, use analytics tools or look at your stats monthly, and gain insights into your geographical web traffic, social following, and subscriber count. If there’s any progress, journal it.

You can use pro tools to schedule and share your blog on social media, via I recommend using their social media, marketing, and SEO add ons. Namecheap’s tools are quite low cost, and they are subscription, not contract packages. That means you won’t get stuck with any unwanted unnecessary bills. Spending a little bit of budget on a blog is a good idea, if you have something that’s worth building/promoting. You may choose to advertise (free or paid), rather than buy spammy black hat SEO backlinks. This will help you to rank your blog better in the search engines, and you’ll gain genuine visitors, and possible conversions.

Case Study

I bought a domain in an auction in 2015, then I paid someone to install a deals website, and then I advertised it in Google. It appeared on the first page of Google in the ads section. I got 3 domain sale offers within a couple of weeks. I sold the domain name for a medium profit. And I learned how advertising my new website instantly boosted my web traffic, and added value to the domain. I should have sold the complete website rather than just the domain. But, regardless, I made a fast turnaround. If you have web design/development skills, you could make your own website. However, sometimes it’s easier and faster to get someone who knows more, to do that for you. Hire an expert today.

Managing Domain Names

The responsibility of owning online assets, or potential online assets can becom hectic. So to manage this, reduce stress, screen time, and drama, it is best to have the majority of your domains in one or two domain registrant accounts only. I use Namecheao & Above. I trust them with my domains. And the prices are quite reasonable. With just a few cents between them, I would suggest that you use Above for your main domains. And you can also pick up bargain and expiring names in Namecheap. Domain management can be sorted quickly by creating a domain monetising account in for free. There you have a clear dashboard to view your domain expiries, visitor & click stats, and you can synch your domain parking accounts there. It takes about 20 minutes to add your portfolio, and parking APIs. Monitor the success of your domain names & monetise domains at

Case Study 2

I bought an expired domain in the Namecheap Marketplace Auction. This particular domain had a high backlink and traffic count. It was obviously used for a business that was generating a steady income. Though I didn’t intentionally diddle anyone, I thought it was a good name, with possible value. After concluding there was a genuine business, I left the domain price at a reasonable setting, incase the original owners wanted their name back. I also doubled my money within 6 weeks. Here’s how I did it… At Namecheap you can buy expired domains from only $5 (and up). And search for the domains with many backlinks to make a profit. You can install a store, blog, or website, and then sell it. Or, you can hold the domain for the previous owner, flip it, and make a small profit. This is a great opportunity, whether you bid in the auction, or you buy from the marketplace. You will generally have more success than buying new domains. Though you can buy handshake domains, and short domains at Namecheap, and sell them for a profit as well. If you’re thinking of getting into the business of domain buying & selling, start off by selling the domains fast, at a lower price, to gain interest & reputation your new domains business. Try to avoid registering new names, when starting.

Domain Renewals

Domain Renewals can be costly. So only hold the best domains with the best backlinks, and web traffic. You can park them via Above Ad Parking Partners. Above are not a parking service, but they activate ad bidding with the parking companies compete for your web traffic. You’ll either get parking page, or redirects. And you can keep your domains in one place. This will help you gain some insight into the trends of domain names, and see what is most valuable, you may decide to keep & develop.

Tip: Buy cheap domains in Namecheap expired/handshake domains. Transfer .com, .net, .org to Above for regular renewal pricing, and total domain management.


I’m a Life Coach & domainer with many years experience in WordPress Blogging, Web Designing, Domain Buying & Selling, and blog assistance/SEO. I concluded that no matter how much we want our ideas to work, sometimes the laws of synchronicity rule. And we can not force our ideas on to others, or force our dreams to come true. But with steady and measured strategies, you may find a few good loop holes along the way. Try not to go overboard with domain registrations (this can become costly). And focus on the blogs & domains that people are interested in. Once you’ve gathered some statistics, you can then start a few outbound sales marketing emails, web development projects & ADVERTISE your new websites.

While you my think you know it all, we all go through a learning curve when it comes to domain names, blogging, and web development. And it’s best to listen & learn, so that you can start to make a successful blog or business. Always ask the experts. Hire developers, if you want to create the right impression. And make sure you promote and advertise your blog/website/domain names on social media pages/groups, free ads, directories, Google, Yahoo, Bing.

If you have a great idea, invest in it. And in this way, you will make a successful blogging business.

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